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Why are so many of us having a difficult time going out on dates or maintaining a dating relationship? Perhaps no one told us how to date properly.

I have written a book for single people who want to find out how to date. Dating is not easy. It is not as simple as it originally seemed, is it? Perhaps online dating sites and other personals are not the simple solution. The reason “why” you date may be to find love or just spend time with a special someone—but “how” you date may be the reason why you are unsuccessful. So, if you are having trouble, I can help.

In this book, I discuss common mistakes and misconceptions. I share my knowledge on the way dating works (or should work) in a personable, sometimes lighthearted, manner. Read the book to learn about “The Dating Mindset”; and “The Four Modes of Dating.”

In addition, learn new ways of thinking about some subjects that seem obvious (yet cause problems for many of us), such as preferences vs. demands, traditional vs. Internet dating, and more. Learn what can make your trip down the Dating Highway easier.

If you are just getting back into dating after a long-term relationship, if you have noticed you are having trouble with dating, or if you are a young adult starting out in the dating world, you can read this book for some sage advice on how to do it.


Posted March 31, 2011 by jccatlin in Dating

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