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I published a book for the Kindle entitled Dating Nuts & Bolts.

(Yeah, you can think of it as just Dating Nuts, because I’m sure we all have some stories about dating people who were a little, uh, “out there.”)

Seriously, it’s not a large book, so don’t feel intimated or worry how long it will take to finish reading it.  It’s not a “heavy,” serious book or one that uses a lot of psychological terms.  I wrote the book in the way in which I would talk to a friend.  So if you’re looking for advice from a non-stuffy book, you’ve found it.

This book is not based on theory; it is based on experience.  These pointers are based on real life. They are collected from the experience of many friends, as well as my own. I do not make these suggestions lightly, so rest assured it is sound advice.

It’s not expensive, probably about as much as you’d pay for a meal at a fast food joint. The results of buying & reading the book will be far-reaching and positive. The results of the date at Burger King remain to be seen.


Posted March 31, 2011 by jccatlin in Dating

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