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In a world where technology has changed the face of dating, I’ve narrowed down the mechanics of dating DOs and DON’Ts. You will learn in “Dating Nuts & Bolts” what you should and should not do to date successfully and happily. This book is geared for all dating ages and dating types. Please sit back and learn the things that I wish someone would have told me before I started dating.

The book is available in Kindle format at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004Y65AI8.


“J.C. Catlin serves as an insightful guide who helps us navigate the many trials, tribulations, and triumphs of dating in the 21st century . . . his advice is a balance between understanding the harsh realities and recognizing the wonderful opportunities of the dating game. Whether perpetually single or fresh on the market, there is sound counsel for all to read. Finding the right person is not easy, but Catlin helps readers sort out who we are, and what we are ultimately looking for. It’s never about the destination, it’s always about the journey. Take his advice, and enjoy the scenery along the way.”

— Suzy Brooks


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Why are so many of us having a difficult time going out on dates or maintaining a dating relationship? Perhaps no one told us how to date properly.

I have written a book for single people who want to find out how to date. Dating is not easy. It is not as simple as it originally seemed, is it? Perhaps online dating sites and other personals are not the simple solution. The reason “why” you date may be to find love or just spend time with a special someone—but “how” you date may be the reason why you are unsuccessful. So, if you are having trouble, I can help.

In this book, I discuss common mistakes and misconceptions. I share my knowledge on the way dating works (or should work) in a personable, sometimes lighthearted, manner. Read the book to learn about “The Dating Mindset”; and “The Four Modes of Dating.”

In addition, learn new ways of thinking about some subjects that seem obvious (yet cause problems for many of us), such as preferences vs. demands, traditional vs. Internet dating, and more. Learn what can make your trip down the Dating Highway easier.

If you are just getting back into dating after a long-term relationship, if you have noticed you are having trouble with dating, or if you are a young adult starting out in the dating world, you can read this book for some sage advice on how to do it.

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I published a book for the Kindle entitled Dating Nuts & Bolts.

(Yeah, you can think of it as just Dating Nuts, because I’m sure we all have some stories about dating people who were a little, uh, “out there.”)

Seriously, it’s not a large book, so don’t feel intimated or worry how long it will take to finish reading it.  It’s not a “heavy,” serious book or one that uses a lot of psychological terms.  I wrote the book in the way in which I would talk to a friend.  So if you’re looking for advice from a non-stuffy book, you’ve found it.

This book is not based on theory; it is based on experience.  These pointers are based on real life. They are collected from the experience of many friends, as well as my own. I do not make these suggestions lightly, so rest assured it is sound advice.

It’s not expensive, probably about as much as you’d pay for a meal at a fast food joint. The results of buying & reading the book will be far-reaching and positive. The results of the date at Burger King remain to be seen.

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Greetings, everyone!

This blog is just part of my journey in this life, and it’s a way to share thoughts, ideas, and hopefully some laughter.

Each of us is on a journey.  The fact that it never ends is not meant to be a “downer” in any way.  There’s no such thing as reaching the end.  So, never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop sharing the wisdom you’ve accumulated with others.

I hope you enjoy this site, buy my book, enjoy it, find it helpful, and tell your friends to buy it, too!

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